Master Stylist & MB Educator
Downtown & Old Strathcona

I have been in the industry for almost 2 decades. I have an obsession about learning and attend international courses yearly. I work New York Fashion Weekand have a mad science hair room! I am a Mousy Browns educator and am part of the education development.


Lead Stylist/MB Educator – Downtown

As a stylist of 8 years, I still wake up every day thankful for the amazing career I have worked so hard to design. Being a hairstylist allows me to create, inspire and push boundaries. My biggest passion is color. The ability to transform and empower a client’s style by elevating their color is a driving force for me every single day.

Lead Stylist & MB Educator – Old Strathcona

I am no stranger to the hair industry, having been a stylist for over 7 years, 3 of which I have been an educator at Mousy Browns. A lot of my training has been done in NYC, I continually strive for knowledge and self-improvement. My goals with Mousy Browns include developing the education program. Alongside hairdressing I have a passion for travel and animals. My favourite phrase is “Treat all your clients like they’re your good friends.”


Lead Stylist – Downtown

Everyday i'm grateful I get to go into work and make people beautiful! Being a great stylist to me means being educated in what I do, listening to what my client is needing and then sometimes being that one person who can push some change into their life. I've worked in many different countries and been involved in hair for over 15 years. I'm constantly interested in what's new in our industry and will always strive to learn more.


Stylist – Downtown

What I love about being a hairstylist is how drastically I can change a guest’s look through color and/or extensions (tapes and micro-link weave), both of which are my passion when it comes to my career. When people ask what my favorite part of doing hair is, I always say it’s the “transformations”.  I have been a stylist for 9 years now, and when I’m not at the salon making everyone gorgeous, I’m traveling to new places and finding great new spots to grab a bite or have a drink with friends.


Stylist – Downtown

I’ve been in the industry for over 12 years, and a stylist at Mousy Browns since January 2019.
I’ve been passionate about hair ever since I was a kid, and I still get just as excited about the hair industry today. There are amazing education opportunities at Mousy’s and I’m thrilled to be part of the Mousy Browns team!

Stylist – Downtown

I have been a hairstylist for 12 years and love my job. I am a Great Lengths Cold Fusion certified extension specialist and would love to chat with you about all your hair extension needs. I also hold a certificate from the Carlton hair academy in Los Angeles, and have received training from top industry leaders from around the world. I would like to share my skill with you in creating your new look!


Stylist – Downtown

I have been doing hair for 6 years and I absolutely love what I do! What I love most about being a Hairstylist is how rewarding it is to know that I can make someones day by giving them a new look that suits their personality and lifestyle. It's amazing to think that I can transform someones look by changing such small details of their hairstyle, a little change can make a BIG difference.


 Stylist – Downtown
I've been with Mousy Browns since July 2016! I moved here from Chicago where I was previously a certified stylist. After moving here, I had to recertify and continue my education. I enjoy expanding my knowledge when it comes to hair! Making people look and feel beautiful is so rewarding! I look forward to building my career in Edmonton!


Stylist – Downtown/Old Strathcona

I've been with Mousy Browns for 5 years now and have been a stylist since 2007. I started having a passion for hair at an early age, cutting my Barbie, My Little Pony and my own hair (to my mom’s dismay at 3 years old). My favourite hair to do is blondes


Stylist – Downtown

I have been doing hair since 2014 when I completed my schooling at John Casablancas in Vancouver. When I moved to Edmonton Mousy Browns took me in right away, training me through their protégé program. I love coming to work everyday seeing and learning from so many talented stylists. Beachy blondes, creative colors and anything styled with a curl are some of my favourite things. Having you leave with a smile on your face after we’ve had some laughs and you’re loving your hair is the most rewarding part of my job.


Stylist – Old Strathcona

I’ve been in the hair game since 2010 and have loved every minute of it! My true passion is to make people feel good, give them that sparkle & pep in their step, and help you achieve your hair goals! #lookgoodfeelgood


Stylist – Old Strathcona

Hi! I’m Kathleen :) My life consists of hair, my little family. and travelling. I feel so incredibly blessed to have been in the industry since 2011, creating long lasting relationships! My goal is to always make your hair dreams come true, whether it’s big changes, your big day or regular hair maintenance. I’m excited to have you in my chair, and if you're lucky you may even meet me my puppy Jax!


Stylist – Old Strathcona

Long & luscious, punky pixie, business bombshell, sleek sophistication, rainbow rockstar...your hair defines you, and just like a great pair of shoes, it can take you places.  How you rock your hair can empower the way you feel on the daily! My passion is designing the hair to the person, and how they represent their “awesome!” I’ve been doing hair just shy of 8 years, and I never get tired of making people feel fabulous.


Stylist – Old Strathcona

I have been a licensed stylist since 2006 and am ecstatic to be a part of Mousy Brown’s team since February, 2017. My hairstyling career began in 2003 and I have attended various educational hair shows and classes throughout my 14 years of experience.  Keeping up with the latest trends and learning new techniques in color, cutting and styling is something I am passionate about.  I believe that with my advanced education, experience and love for my profession, I can create an enjoyable and satisfying salon experience for you.


Protege – Downtown

I have been learning and working in the industry since 2016, and have been with Mousy browns since April 2018. Colour is one of my favourite things to do in the salon, and learning how to achieve the perfect blondes is one of the things I am most excited about. Outside of the salon I love going on mountain trips, hikes and just being outside.


Protege – Downtown

In 2017, I graduated from the MC College Hairstyling program. I am very excited to begin and continue my career in Hair Artistry with the Mousy Browns team. I love doing women’s cuts and styles, especially on my fellow curly girls!


Protege – Old Strathcona

I have been in the hair industry since 2015 and I am completely thrilled to be with the Mousy Browns team since spring 2018. I have a strong passion for hair and helping people feel more confident, which makes my job as a hairstylist exceptionally fulfilling. I am constantly pushing myself to learn new techniques and expanding my knowledge in all areas of hair. I enjoy meeting new people and look forward to chatting with clients and I would like the opportunity to share my love of hair with you!


Kelsey/Salon Coordinator Old Strathcona

I’ve been in the beauty industry since 2007, and after graduating from hair school in 2012, my passion quickly shifted into a love for the inner workings of the business. Joining Mousy Browns in 2014 has opened up incredible opportunities for personal & professional growth, the highlight being attending business courses at Bumble & Bumble University in New York City. With the support of my team members, I am consistently driven to think beyond the industry standard to provide an exceptional guest experience. In my downtime you can find me practicing yoga, exploring the River Valley, or hunting for the next perfect piece to add to my ever-growing crystal collection!


Front End/Salon Coordinator – Downtown
I have been working in the industry since 2012  and I have been with Mousy Brown’s since June of 2016. It is my goal to make you feel welcome and to make sure you have the best experience possible with us. Product knowledge is my favorite part of the industry and I strive to make sure I can answer any question you may have.


Front End – Old Strathcona

I started with Mousy Browns in August 2013 and have loved creating a warm and positive environment for everyone who comes through the salon. I'm here to make sure you leave feeling your best, help out with any questions you might have, and hopefully put a smile on your face!


Front End – Old Strathcona

Being new to the beauty industry, Mousy Brown's has been so amazing and welcoming. The team is really educated in their art. They are great at teaching me how to use products and styling my own hair! If they can teach me, they can definitely teach you!

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